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Chicagoland Area, IL

"Bringing Golfers Together Course By Course"

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What is Golf On Any Tee ?
How does it work?

1. Pay your annual membership fee

2. Download the Golf On Any Tee app from the App store.

3. Sign up as a new user on the G.O.A.T. app.

4. A  GOAT  admin will enable your account.

5. Navigate to "Book Tee" from the Home tab to view where & when  GOAT members are playing.

6. If you choose to join an existing tee time, simply book yourself under that Tee Time slot/time & get ready to golf!

7. If you’d like to book a new tee time, call the course of your choice and ask the pro shop if the time you'd like to play is available.
Let’s say 10am; if the slot is open, they will schedule you in. If it is not, the pro shop will help schedule the closest time possible.
Make sure to provide your  GOAT  ID number and name to secure the booking.

8. Immediately add your tee time at the course you booked on the G.O.A.T. App. Now other GOAT members can simply join your group.

9. Show up 15 minutes before your scheduled tee time and show your GOAT ID (homepage of the app) at the pro shop.

10. NO CART FEES and NO GREEN FEES; Enjoy the round with friends!

11. You may book Up To 2 Tee Times at any given time, so long as they are at 2 different golf courses. Once you finish playing one, only then can you book a third and so on!

✔️Seven Bridges Golf Club - 1 Tee-Time
✔️Ravisloe CC - 2 Tee-Times
✔️ThunderHawk GC - 2 Tee-Times
✔️Countryside Prairie - 2 Tee-Times
✔️Countryside Traditional - 2 Tee-Times
✔️Golf Club of Illinois - 2 Tee-Times
✔️Prairie Isle GC - 2 Tee-Times
✔️Hilldale GC - 2 Tee-Times
✔️White Pines (East/West) - 2 Tee-Times
✔️White Tail Ridge - 1 Tee-Time
✔️Boone Creek GC - 2 Tee-Times

More coming soon...

Golf On Any Tee

2022 & 2023 Membership
$ 2000
  • One flat fee and then you have full access to multiple tee times a day per course

Frequently Asked Questions

4 easy steps:

  1. Check the member app for tee time availability.
  2. Call the golf course and book your tee time.
  3. Confirm it on the member app.
  4. Show up to the course and play!

April 1st 2022 till the end of the year.

You may play as much as you want.

GOAT has access to either 1 or 2 tee times at each of our courses.

As long as the tee time is available to the public our members have access to it.

If you have any questions at all please call
(630) 965-4799
or email